2020 Book Club

In February 2019 we launched our book club. We’re back for round two in 2020.

Daryl reads a lot. He’s gotten me reading more and of a different type than I ever have. He also has a habit of bringing up a book during a meeting at the office. Then as our guest is leaving Daryl will grab it off the shelf to give them a copy.

George Vanderbilt’s library; not Daryl’s.

So Daryl and I started wondering how we could do that with even more people. After a good meeting that isn’t in our office we started mailing books to people. We think they enjoy getting the book. We know we enjoy giving them.

Here are the selections for the 2020 edition of the LEV Book Club.

We encourage you to read any as many of them as you can in 2020. Let us know what you learned. Tell us what book should have been on the list that isn’t.

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