2021 Book Club

2021 is our third year (2019, 2020) making book recommendations. A good book is one that has an impact on you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree with everything. In fact, if you disagree with it, but it causes you to think in new ways, the book has had an impact. Put those new ideas into action. Now you’ve had a conversation with the author that has had an impact.

So grab a copy of one of these books. Highlight the parts that resonate. Argue in the margins where you disagree. Shoot us an email with your takeaways. Include us in your conversation with the author. These books all made this list because we frequently discuss them around our office.

  1. Dream Manager
  2. Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
  3. The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt
  4. Quench Your Own Thirst
  5. The Captain’s Class
  6. Hit Makers
  7. Dear Shareholder
  8. The Obstacle is the Way

Thanks for reading!

-Daryl and Mikel
Chief Readers
Little Engine Ventures
“The book club that happens to buy businesses”

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