On Being a Serial Obsessor

I have been called a “serial entrepreneur.” I have recently been describing myself as “an entrepreneur turned investor.” This morning, I read a descriptive phrase that better fits the present phase of my life and doesn’t negate my historical experience. I am a “serial obsessor.” I am a serial obsessor. I have recently been obsessed Read more about On Being a Serial Obsessor[…]

Reading Every Annual Report for an Industry

People have different ways of uncovering investment ideas. I have tried many of them. When it comes to investing in marketable securities, stock screens and friendly idea sharing appear to be the most popular. For the socially awkward –myself included– a stock screen seems like a great idea. Setup some mathematical filters and only the Read more about Reading Every Annual Report for an Industry[…]

What are your Key Processes?

Written by Daryl Starr. Inspired by @JoshSchultz All profitable businesses have a handful of Key Processes. These processes involve coordinating multiple people in various roles, each doing their own specialized procedures. Years ago –prior to Little Engine Ventures– I documented decision trees, printed and laminated them for my field technicians. This was extremely useful for Read more about What are your Key Processes?[…]