Mikel Berger on the “Growing with Purpose” Podcast

I recently joined Paul Spiegelman on the “Growing with Purpose” podcast by the Small Giants Community. We had a great conversation about the journey of building purpose-driven businesses. We discussed the importance of creating a strong company culture prioritizing success and the well-being of our team and community. Mentorship and continuous learning were key themes, Read more about Mikel Berger on the “Growing with Purpose” Podcast[…]

The Hush of Closures and the Roar of Success

Amongst the startup community there is a “celebration of failure.” This phrase is intentionally shocking. Who wants to “fail fast?” What does that mean? For those in the know, it means, “we learned what not to do” and for the very best, we learned what not to do very inexpensively! In most large organizations the Read more about The Hush of Closures and the Roar of Success[…]

Budgeting Beyond Legal Boundaries

One of the many oddities shared between entrepreneurs is their ability to budget beyond boundaries. They don’t make the same assumptions about where the lines must be drawn. The edges are more fluid. They see customer value and customer alternatives and they see new ways of assembling systems to deliver value at a profit regardless Read more about Budgeting Beyond Legal Boundaries[…]