Benefits of the Bull’s Eye Stakeholder Discipline

For several years now I have used the metaphorical language of “bull’s eye” and “one-degree’r” around our office. This Saturday morning I searched our blog to see if I had written about it before. I had not. Wow. I’m sorry. This is among the most unnatural and yet most valuable things a business owner does Read more about Benefits of the Bull’s Eye Stakeholder Discipline[…]

Questions About Estate Planning

Within the last few months I have received more questions about estate plans than the sum of my entire life prior. My default response is “I don’t know.” Perhaps I ought to leave it there? (my usual response.) Instead, I started reading and began writing… mostly trying to form some coherent thoughts. Disclosure: I still Read more about Questions About Estate Planning[…]

Learn broadly by reading specifically

Alex Bridgeman recently asked what niche publications his followers find most interesting. I replied with one of my favorites that we receive at the office. And a snarky comment. It is Twitter, after all. We talk about books we’ve read quite a bit. We’ve even talked about old academic papers. Niche trade publications are also Read more about Learn broadly by reading specifically[…]

The Market is a Profound Conversation

After completing Robert G. Hagstrom’s “Investing: The Last Liberal Art” I began to re-read my margin notes. His book has over one hundred bibliography entries and is a fantastic introduction to the multidisciplinary worldview of the market. One of my pencil scratches suggested that the market is a profound conversation. Hagstrom uses the word “puzzle” Read more about The Market is a Profound Conversation[…]