Low Opportunity Cost Investing

Opportunity cost is one of those concepts that slinks away from you when you’re not looking. For that reason, I start with the definition. Opportunity Cost – “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen” How can the opportunity cost be zero? When you select your best alternative you sacrifice Read more about Low Opportunity Cost Investing[…]

Introducing “Allocators” Webinar Series

Today, I am pleased to announce a new type of gathering we have dubbed “Allocators.” We are meeting via webinar in large part because Daryl doesn’t want to drive that much. Secondly (and somewhat more seriously), we want to connect with and help investors and current business owners outside of our target geography. The ideal Read more about Introducing “Allocators” Webinar Series[…]

Different. Right. Boring. Crazy.

Our 32 small business owning investment partners are familiar with this slide. This slide is in the deck we use when describing the Little Engine Ventures partnership. It explains how Daryl and I try to think about business investment opportunities. We also find it is how our small business owning partners have made decisions in Read more about Different. Right. Boring. Crazy.[…]