Daryl’s Ideal Week

The objective of this post is to outline my ideal week so I and others can be reminded of what “good” looks like. In general, I like a lot of open space on my calendar. This is useful to responding to prospective sellers and company manager questions. However, it’s still necessary to schedule meetings. Check out my daily schedule at Walk a Day in My Shoes Mostly, I try to schedule meetings at or around 8am, 12pm, & 4pm. I can handle more per day, but I don’t like it. Before and between meetings, I stir in project work and reading. Below is my day-of-the-week themes:



Sunday – Church, family, physical activity & reading

I like to rest, reflect and recover on Sundays. I try not to send others messages about work, and will push off responding on Sundays. Please don’t be offended.


Monday – Leadership

I like Mondays. I like long days. I’ll wake up earlier than most days, read and have alone-zone work with more intensity on Monday mornings. This could be at home or driving. By 8-9am I’m ready for intense meetings where decisions are required. I want my Monday packed full. Two 1.5 hour project windows and the rest on high intensity meetings. I don’t mind leaving for home until around 6pm where I can have 30 minutes to 2 hours of audiobook and thinking about the rest of my week. So 5am to 7pm intense work is my ideal Monday… and it’s all about charging forward.


Tuesday – Team

I’m still fresh on Tuesday’s but my mindset has often moved to more detailed and less urgent strategic implementation. Ideally, I’m moving people forward with somewhat sensitive meetings (internal/external) of a longer term nature.


Wednesday & Thursday – Kairos

Mikel and I use the concept of Chronos vs. Kairos around the office fairly often. (Kairos: a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action) Despite being able to shift my schedule at will on any day, it seems like Wed/Thurs are often the best days to have the least structure to them. I need freedom to maneuver as most of my value is derived from striking when the iron is hot. I tend to be opportunistic on these days of the week. If I get too loaded down with scheduled appointments on these days I freak out and reset my calendar entirely, often hiring someone that I can delegate stuff onto.


Friday – Creativity

If Wed/Thurs are allocated to Kairos then Friday is similar but leans more toward creativity. By Friday my brain is in that strange afternoon state where I can extract or contribute creative ideas more easily. The decisions can wait (because some of those ideas are bad come Monday!) Ideas tend to be playful but provide fodder for the weekend rumination. I may also cut out a little early or do something fun and only quasi-work related… more exploration versus exploitation.


Saturday – Reading & Family

I love to read. I read every day. Saturday I can often get in a couple more hours in the morning because no one is calling or meeting with me. But, my family plans are often on Saturdays so this might mean traveling or playing with my kiddos. We will have projects around the house or with friends on Saturdays.

What does your ideal week look like?

I wrote an original outline to this post in 2015, prior to Little Engine Ventures. It still fits. There are seasons however… maybe I’ll write that post next.