March 9, 2024


We help fleet owners get vehicles back to work after windshield damage.

Magic Glass

Acquire: We acquire other brands and retain local names outside of our existing geographies.

If your shop is (a) located inside of our geographic strike zone, (b) you are considering semi-retirement, and (c) you are willing to entertain a reasonable price, then, we are open to talking acquisition. By the way, we love fleet accounts, off-road equipment, and high integrity owners.

  • Located inside our geographical strike zone,
  • Serve fleet accounts
  • Considering semi-retirement
  • Want a fair price

Organic: If you have plateaued in your career –working under a small business owner that won’t grow fast enough, and are looking for a higher ceiling, we may be a good next step in your career. We open Magic Glass locations in tier 3 Midwestern cities alongside ambition people. A Launch Location General Manager is a fast track to adding skills and making more money.

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