March 9, 2024

Other Brands

We own interests in several other brands.

Majority Ownership & Control

Boden BOLT: Sacremento, CA. A nonchemical and nonselective soil treatment using pulsed electricity.

Kentland Seeds: Sellers of Spectrum Seeds and AgVenture products from Kentland, IN. Row crop corn and soybean seed sales and service utilizing direct marketing.

Really Good Dumpsters: Tipton, IN. Multi site roll off dumpster services for value-add construction in Central Indiana

Minority Ownership & Influence

We love helping entrepreneurs. In our first two years, we made six startup investments. Two went under. One is a zombie. One had a huge exit. Another has scaled successfully. And another bought back shareholders at a small gain.

We (Daryl) likes to be the first outside investor and help founders skip a full funding round. Basically, if you’ve got a pitch deck, you’re too late for us, and likely soiled by the hype game. We want to invest in crazy people with giant goals that are looking for a passive cofounder of sorts. Oh, and we’re looking for a deal. 10% chance for a 100x outcome in 5 years. So, why partner with us? We’ve helped several ramp extremely fast (multiple millionaires made) and are cool if you sell or decide to stay.

We put zero effort into this and do not have any mandate to make any minority investments in private companies ever again.

Public Companies

We don’t publish our holdings –even to partners. It’s considered proprietary. But, we tend to own a mixture of community banks, insurance companies, speciality finance and weird nano-cap make-to-order companies that we think are mispriced. This business line creates an attractive floor compared to deploying into over-priced, strategic control deals.

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