We wanted a campfire topic to attract and gather smart people interested in this ‘entrepreneurship through acquisition’ niche. So, we built it. Little Engine Ventures hosts “The CEO Lunch” for current small business CEO’s and aspiring entrepreneurs through acquisition.  Space is limited to 15 people per event to keep the dialogue moving. Contact us for availability.


11:30am – Arrive at MatchBOX Lafayette, IN or Fountain Square Brewery Indianapolis, IN. Coming in 2020 to a location near Fort Wayne, IN.

11:45am – Eat

Noon – Discuss current, real-life business acquisition case study. Help presenter with key questions or concerns.

12:30pm – Discuss current, real-life operational challenge in Product, Marketing, Finance, or Legal. Try to help.

1:00pm – Adjourn and follow up conversations

1:30pm –  Get back to work!

A few members may opt into joining our Executive on Deck program

The size of a chapter is capped at 15 people. If you’d like to join us, send us an email and tell us a little about yourself. The cost is $300, paid up front, to attend for a year (covers lunch and filters out fringe)