March 11, 2024


We pride ourselves on attracting talented people to run our small business locations. General Managers, technicians, customer success managers, and more make the day-to-day succeed. Each run The LEV Way.

The LEV Way is a custom built operating system, focused on helping each individual contributor grow in their marketable skills, income and net worth. The General Manager is the key. And we invest in them as they invest in their teammates through weekly one on ones, daily huddles, team meetings, bi-annual reviews and personalized OKRs.

Our General Managers come from a special background. Many GMs worked directly with an owner-operator prior to joining a LEV location. Other GMs joined one of our teams as a technician or customer success manager and moved up quickly. A couple GMs wanted to buy the locations they now run.

We invest hours together in our General Manager Training program and follow up with one to one meetings from our District Managers to our General Managers. Our District Managers help our General Managers climb.

Our managers are simply awesome. Their staff has dolled out an average 9.66 out of 10 employee net promotor score!

We hire locally and look internally first.

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